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  Compound Amino Acid Powder

  Compound amino acid(ammonium
   type), nano powder, liquid
  Single-element chelates
  of amino acids
  Multi-element chelates
 of amino acids




  L-Arginine HCL


  L-Gulutamic Acid

  L-Pyroglutamic Acid

  L-Lysine HCL



  L-Cysteine HCL MONO

  L-Cysteine HCL ANHY


  N-Acetyl-L-Glutamic Acid




Compound Amino Acid Powder

This product is made of natural keratoprotein and vegetable protein hydrolyzed in hydrochloric acid, and then processed in several procedures such as smell-removing, bleaching and spray-forming. It contains 17 amino acids.
1, Quality: Total Amino acids>=36%, Moisture<4%, Soluble in water easily without impurities, 5% Aq. solution is light brown
2, Properties: Light Yellow, white powder 100% water soluble, with moisture absorption.
3, Function and role: This product can be used as multi-dimensional carrier, and all the amino acids in it are free amino acids, which has no absorbing loss and can be absorbed by animals quickly; moreover, it also can protect vitamins. With the coordination effects of amino acid, this product can improve the absorption of other substances, growth of animals and weightening percent of chick, fish and cattle. In addition, it can improve disease resistance and immune function.


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